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It does not matter how big your tree might be or how massive the branches are if your tree is sick, we are the ones you should be calling.

About T·O·T·A·L Landscaping

Started in 2005 by a father & son team, Total Landscaping was originally a small business created to help aging neighbors maintain their homes and gardens.

Since then, TOTAL has grown to encompass a huge network of top notch gardeners and landscapers across the city. Services range from simple grass cutting to full-scale landscape and water feature design and implementation. Hopefully after seeing our work you’ll let us take TOTAL care of your yard too!

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It was such a fun experience to watch how beautifully the team helped our trees to get back in good shape. They were on time and completed the work just as they promised.

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We will also customize your garden as you want. Just let us know your plan, and we will design it accordingly.

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Tree Planting

Tree-planting refers to the process of transferring plant seedlings, usually for landscaping, forestry, or land reclamation purposes. It is different from the normal transplantation of large trees in landscape architecture, as well as from the cheaper and faster but less reliable transplanting of small tree seeds into a new pot, or into a garden bed. The purpose of tree-planting is usually for the purpose of increasing plant biodiversity, by encouraging a greater diversity of species in a garden.

tree planting

Seedlings planted by professionals are typically more expensive than those planted at home, although there are some advantages to purchasing them. Seedlings purchased from reputable nursery companies often have higher quality seed, in many cases superior to the seedling seedlings which are commonly sold at local nurseries. However, most seedling plants that are sold at local nurseries do not have to be tested for root and growth potential, and they are often only transplanted in pots rather than directly into a garden bed.

A great number of species, both native and non-native, are found in Florida, with the majority of them having very low-maintenance needs. One of the biggest benefits of planting these exotic species is that you will have a lot of species to choose from, so you can often experiment with many species in one year. Some species can be quite demanding, requiring regular pruning, and other species may require a minimal amount of care, so they are a great option if you are planning on keeping a few varieties in your garden over the years. Planting a variety of exotic species can give you an edge over local nurseries by providing you with different species every year. Another advantage of using an exotic species is that they will not easily die off during dry weather, meaning that you may have a better chance at having your exotic species thrive in Florida longer than you would in many other states.

While the most important consideration when planting any type of seedling is that they need adequate support, you should not simply consider the size and shape of the pot in which you will plant them. You should also consider the position of the seedling in relation to the surrounding landscape and the sun, soil type, and drainage. These factors may influence the success of your planting efforts, so it is essential to know all of these details and fundamental tree caretree care.  Before you begin your tree-planting efforts, be sure to thoroughly plan out the best possible placement, and plan your planting carefully, especially if you want to plant your trees near your house’s foundation.

Once you have a location and plan for your planting, you should look for exotic species which has a good root system and is easy to cultivate. Some examples include the Red Maple, which can tolerate cold temperatures and has a firm yet flexible trunk. Another great tree to plant is a  Black Walnut, which can withstand drought and high humidity. You should consider a hardy tree such as the Hawthorn, which is able to handle a lot of water but requires less water than other species.

Once you have selected the type of tree you wish to plant, carefully dig up the soil around the tree. This will ensure that the seedling has a good drainage system. Water is vital for your tree to grow and thrive, so you may also need to dig up the root ball of the seedling once the soil is ready to plant the seedlings. Once you have the soil drained, you can now plant the seedlings into the soil, ensuring that they get enough water and nutrients.

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Tree Planting: the Ultimate Convenience!

Hearsay, Deception and Tree Planting

Summer Tree Planting If you genuinely have to plant a tree in the summertime you are going to be taking on a risk since dry and heat soil put lots of stress on a sapling that’s hoping to set up a root system. Planting a tree is the start of a journey with nature. Watering Your newly planted tree should be given a deep watering 2-3 times each week. In the event you should accumulate how much it costs to acquire a man-made tree versus an actual one, you will discover that you end up saving plenty of money over recent years.

tree planting

Tree planting is one particular way. Tree plantings give an chance for empowerment and community involvement that improves the standard of life in our neighborhoods. Planned tree planting is the secret to a garden.

Trees are an extremely important portion of our life. Planting trees will make a ecosystem for wildlife. Now that you ‘ve resolved to plant a tree and identified the time, you are want to pick at a location. You need to acquire a top that is greater tree that carefully resembles Mother Nature if you would like a normal tree.

If you are searching for tree planting support visit our website to have a free estimate! it is likely to pay off, although it’s a fact that growing a tree takes quite a bit of work. Trees play an extremely important function in the garden landscape. Because trees need a certain kind of soil just select the right kind of soil. Big trees can not be transported so be certain that you plant them itself.

Tree Planting Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Then you have to need to employ tree suppliers from time to time to keep your trees fit, when you have trees in your backyard. It is not sustainable to have a couple of types of trees, states Tabata. Trees gain from maintenance supplied by Certified Arborists due to their in-depth comprehension of different tree diseases and efficient treatment choices. Trees provide a source of shade and protection . Though 3,000 trees is enough to revert humans in the ideal direction, it’s a fantastic first step for our staff in Ohio. A tree may help if you have got a little space, you to take advantage of your floor space. A live tree is a good idea, but a lot of men and women make serious mistakes about handling a live tree, and they wind up losing their money.

Exactly the way your selection of ornamentation likewise influences the tree looks. Therefore must prune the old branches and leave to make it open. You must make certain that Typical artificial trees are for those who prefer the ease of an artificial tree with the overall look of a real one.

The 5-Minute Rule for Tree Planting

During summer time, the tree ought to be moved out to gain from sun and warmth. Your tree is going to struggle and die without considering the elements that affect its growth when it’s planted. If planted correctly, staking the youthful tree should not be vital. In the suburbs, it isn’t unusual to have a great deal of trees with each one bringing a new dimension on your premises.

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Tree Maintenance Tips

Tree Maintenance Tips

It doesn’t matter what the tree’s age, size or shape is. Every single type of tree requires maintenance and care so that it can look at their sharpest and tallest. It also improves the value of a house when you have a tree in the backyard.

Apart from reducing pollution, there are several benefits that you and your loved ones can reap from a tree that is healthy. On the other hand, an unhealthy tree can make your life hard since it’ll require higher maintenance costs and also affect curb appeal.

In this article, we look at crucial tips that will help you maintain the tree that is in your backyard.

1. Trimming

Trees also have the need to be trimmed in order to stay both healthy as well as clean. Although you can hire a specialist to do this, it is better to do this task by yourself since you’ll know how a tree should look like in the confines of your property. You also need to trim regularly so that all the branches that are dead are removed. This is done in order to let new branches to grow. Trimming also extends to leaves as well. You also need to mind if the tree is getting in the way of your house since heavy storms or even strong winds can cause severe damage.


2. Soil

Your tree may not be looking at its best because of the fact that it isn’t getting enough nutrition. This is because the soil gets most of its nourishment from the earth and if the soil isn’t good enough, it can affect the tree for the worse. This problem usually occurs when a tree has been replanted or replaced. When checking the soil, make sure that it has adequate pH and mineral levels.

3. Mulch

Although mulching the area around the tree can increase the appeal, it serves a much more essential purpose than to make everything look pretty. Mulching can help in the retention of water as well as providing the tree with a constant temperature without rapid changes. Each tree will have its own requirement of mulch that is needed, but on average, the base needs to be somewhere between 4 to 9 inches.

Protect from pest

4. Pests

No matter how healthy a tree can be, you always need to protect it from pests and diseases. This is the reason why you need to keep track of your trees as there are signs which can indicate that your tree isn’t healthy. These signs include spotty leaves, structural changes to the tree itself or even the growth of fungus.

Contract Tim Drufus at Trinity Tree Service Alexandria for more information.

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What You Should And Shouldn’t Do When It Comes to Tree Care

What You Should And Shouldn’t Do When It Comes to Tree Care

What You Should Do

1. Pruning

Trees are required to be pruned from time to time and how you must prune and at what time is dependent on the trees themselves. But the most important thing that you must remember is that you mustn’t ever prune in fall as this is the time when trees are encouraged to grow more naturally by the weather. You should also know that fall is also the time when diseases are spread more than any other season.

Killing pets

2. Killing Pests

You should be able to tell when a tree is sick just by looking at it since there are tell-tale signs. Hence, make sure to be on the lookout for these signs because doing so might help the tree for good and you’ll also be saving a lot of money. If you have a pest problem, make sure to get rid of them as soon as possible. You should also know if an outbreak has been spread in your area.

3. Water

There’s no doubt that you must water trees just like any other plant as they need to be watered near the base of the tree.

What You Should Not Do

4. Excessive Pruning

A typical mistake that people do is that they prune the trees in every single season. This can prove extremely harmful for the tree and hence, you should prune sometime around the beginning of spring. This is when most of the tree’s pruning should be done as it can promote positive growth as well as offer it the optimum amount of time to grow as well. But be careful since you do not want to make cuts that are big as it can injure the tree.


5. Planting them very close

Since the system of roots of a tree is extensive, you shouldn’t plant them close to each other. This is because a tree placed next to another tree can hamper the growth of roots of both trees and hence, there’s a higher chance of them falling. They also might not grow to their full extent without proper roots since the roots can be as big as five times as that of the diameter of the crown.

6. Cleaning all by yourself

If a tree that is enormous needs to be removed from your property, it is best to hire arborists that are certified to do this job as many hurt themselves when they do this task by themselves.

Contact Derrick Harper with Cedar Rapids Tree Service, 360 30th St SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403, 319-229-2427, for more tree care suggestions.

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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming should only be done during certain periods of time, and this is something that property owners, on average, do not know about. Although it might be hard for one to see why a tree needs to be pruned, it is still an important process that helps with the appearance as well as the health of the tree.

Let us look at the types of tree trimming.

Standard Pruning:

In this type of pruning, a lot of cutting is involved that is extremely heavy. This is mainly done so that the structure of the tree is improved.

Fine Pruning:

In this type of pruning, the tree’s appearance of the tree is enhanced through the cutting and trimming of limbs.


Crown Reduction Pruning:

Crown reduction pruning is done when there are branches that are dead and need to be removed. It is also done when the branches come in the way of power lines or if they suffer from damages that are inflicted by storms.

Hazard Trimming: This is done mostly to increase the safety of people that walk around the trees. Branches of the length of an inch or two are removed in this type of trimming.

When should you trim?

There may be occasions where you notice a branch that is dead or damaged. In such cases, you need to ensure that the branch is removed as soon as possible. But when it comes to regular pruning, you need to consider the following seasons.


Summer trimming

Branches that need to grow slowly and to a size that you have decided can be pruned during the summer. Doing so will also allow more food to be spent on the roots of the tree which, in turn, will make the tree very strong. You can also prune branches that are defective or dropping due to the presence of heavy leaves. Correction of limbs is also done during the summer.

You must keep in mind that trees must not be pruned at all during fall since this can lead to deadly fungi and disease spreading. Pruning during this period will affect the areas of the tree that have been cut very recently.

Winter Trimming

Pruning, for the most part, is recommended for winter because it encourages the growth of branches that are new in the spring. Hence, wait for the time of winter where it is the coldest, and when this period has passed, you can prune the tree however you like.

Performing regular tree trimming and pruning on your landscape trees will help you reduce the need to prematurely employ a tree removal service.

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