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Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance Tips

It doesn’t matter what the tree’s age, size or shape is. Every single type of tree requires maintenance and care so that it can look at their sharpest and tallest. It also improves the value of a house when you have a tree in the backyard.

Apart from reducing pollution, there are several benefits that you and your loved ones can reap from a tree that is healthy. On the other hand, an unhealthy tree can make your life hard since it’ll require higher maintenance costs and also affect curb appeal.

In this article, we look at crucial tips that will help you maintain the tree that is in your backyard.

1. Trimming

Trees also have the need to be trimmed in order to stay both healthy as well as clean. Although you can hire a specialist to do this, it is better to do this task by yourself since you’ll know how a tree should look like in the confines of your property. You also need to trim regularly so that all the branches that are dead are removed. This is done in order to let new branches to grow. Trimming also extends to leaves as well. You also need to mind if the tree is getting in the way of your house since heavy storms or even strong winds can cause severe damage.


2. Soil

Your tree may not be looking at its best because of the fact that it isn’t getting enough nutrition. This is because the soil gets most of its nourishment from the earth and if the soil isn’t good enough, it can affect the tree for the worse. This problem usually occurs when a tree has been replanted or replaced. When checking the soil, make sure that it has adequate pH and mineral levels.

3. Mulch

Although mulching the area around the tree can increase the appeal, it serves a much more essential purpose than to make everything look pretty. Mulching can help in the retention of water as well as providing the tree with a constant temperature without rapid changes. Each tree will have its own requirement of mulch that is needed, but on average, the base needs to be somewhere between 4 to 9 inches.

Protect from pest

4. Pests

No matter how healthy a tree can be, you always need to protect it from pests and diseases. This is the reason why you need to keep track of your trees as there are signs which can indicate that your tree isn’t healthy. These signs include spotty leaves, structural changes to the tree itself or even the growth of fungus.

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