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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming should only be done during certain periods of time, and this is something that property owners, on average, do not know about. Although it might be hard for one to see why a tree needs to be pruned, it is still an important process that helps with the appearance as well as the health of the tree.

Let us look at the types of tree trimming.

Standard Pruning:

In this type of pruning, a lot of cutting is involved that is extremely heavy. This is mainly done so that the structure of the tree is improved.

Fine Pruning:

In this type of pruning, the tree’s appearance of the tree is enhanced through the cutting and trimming of limbs.


Crown Reduction Pruning:

Crown reduction pruning is done when there are branches that are dead and need to be removed. It is also done when the branches come in the way of power lines or if they suffer from damages that are inflicted by storms.

Hazard Trimming: This is done mostly to increase the safety of people that walk around the trees. Branches of the length of an inch or two are removed in this type of trimming.

When should you trim?

There may be occasions where you notice a branch that is dead or damaged. In such cases, you need to ensure that the branch is removed as soon as possible. But when it comes to regular pruning, you need to consider the following seasons.


Summer trimming

Branches that need to grow slowly and to a size that you have decided can be pruned during the summer. Doing so will also allow more food to be spent on the roots of the tree which, in turn, will make the tree very strong. You can also prune branches that are defective or dropping due to the presence of heavy leaves. Correction of limbs is also done during the summer.

You must keep in mind that trees must not be pruned at all during fall since this can lead to deadly fungi and disease spreading. Pruning during this period will affect the areas of the tree that have been cut very recently.

Winter Trimming

Pruning, for the most part, is recommended for winter because it encourages the growth of branches that are new in the spring. Hence, wait for the time of winter where it is the coldest, and when this period has passed, you can prune the tree however you like.

Performing regular tree trimming and pruning on your landscape trees will help you reduce the need to prematurely employ a tree removal service.