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Tree Care

What You Should And Shouldn’t Do When It Comes to Tree Care

What You Should Do

1. Pruning

Trees are required to be pruned from time to time and how you must prune and at what time is dependent on the trees themselves. But the most important thing that you must remember is that you mustn’t ever prune in fall as this is the time when trees are encouraged to grow more naturally by the weather. You should also know that fall is also the time when diseases are spread more than any other season.

Killing pets

2. Killing Pests

You should be able to tell when a tree is sick just by looking at it since there are tell-tale signs. Hence, make sure to be on the lookout for these signs because doing so might help the tree for good and you’ll also be saving a lot of money. If you have a pest problem, make sure to get rid of them as soon as possible. You should also know if an outbreak has been spread in your area.

3. Water

There’s no doubt that you must water trees just like any other plant as they need to be watered near the base of the tree.

What You Should Not Do

4. Excessive Pruning

A typical mistake that people do is that they prune the trees in every single season. This can prove extremely harmful for the tree and hence, you should prune sometime around the beginning of spring. This is when most of the tree’s pruning should be done as it can promote positive growth as well as offer it the optimum amount of time to grow as well. But be careful since you do not want to make cuts that are big as it can injure the tree.


5. Planting them very close

Since the system of roots of a tree is extensive, you shouldn’t plant them close to each other. This is because a tree placed next to another tree can hamper the growth of roots of both trees and hence, there’s a higher chance of them falling. They also might not grow to their full extent without proper roots since the roots can be as big as five times as that of the diameter of the crown.

6. Cleaning all by yourself

If a tree that is enormous needs to be removed from your property, it is best to hire arborists that are certified to do this job as many hurt themselves when they do this task by themselves.

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